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Elevating Health and Wellness through Cutting-Edge Treatments and Unparalleled Convenience

The health treatment centre within Seventh welcomes all visitors and is seamlessly connected to the hotel and apartments. It offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including ambulatory surgeries and non-invasive treatments. Patients can benefit from procedures such as cataract surgery, orthopaedic treatments, and dental treatments, all provided with the utmost expertise and care.

For the convenience of our esteemed guests, the day surgery centres within the facility ensure same-day treatments and shorter hospital stays. This allows patients to recover swiftly and comfortably in a soothing environment. Additionally, access to the health treatment centre can be arranged at an additional cost or bundled as part of an enticing package deal, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our valued visitors. 

We strive to empower individuals to pursue a healthier, happier, and more sustainable lifestyle. Our wellness and health centre is not just a healthcare facility; it's a transformative journey that aims to foster improved quality of life through personalised care and sustainable practices.

Wide Selection of Treatments

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Diabetes Management

We're committed to assisting you in controlling diabetes to lead a vibrant, wholesome life. Our centre has cutting-edge resources and expert medical professionals providing proactive, patient-centered diabetes care. We offer comprehensive diabetes management plans, incorporating balanced nutrition, personalized exercise routines, and effective medication regimens.

Food Knolling

Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a growing concern across the globe, and at Seventh, we tackle this issue holistically. We provide customized weight loss and management programs that include nutritional counselling, surgical or non-surgical treatments when necessary, and a strong support system to keep you motivated.

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Autism Support

Seventh is devoted to enhancing the lives of individuals with Autism and their families. Our highly trained professionals offer various therapy models and educational programs, focusing on improving communication, social skills, and overall well-being.


Taking Advantage of Rapid Growth

Seventh aims to utilize the most advanced and secure technologies to offer cutting-edge and optimal treatments, combining the advantages of both modern innovations and traditional approaches. The remarkable expansion of Dubai's domestic market, coupled with its emerging stature as a prominent medical tourism destination, serves as the driving force behind the substantial growth of its healthcare infrastructure. Notably, it has been recognized as the 13th economy with the most efficient healthcare sector worldwide and proudly holds the top position in the Middle East. Nevertheless, healthcare expenditure, accounting for 4.4% of GDP, still falls significantly below the levels observed in OECD countries (8.8% of GDP), signifying a promising scope for further substantial growth.

Elevating Health and Wellness through Cutting-Edge Treatments and Unparalleled Convenience

We believe in offering the best services not just because we're equipped with the latest technology and experienced medical professionals but because we genuinely care about our patients and their health journeys. At Seventh, each patient is treated as a unique individual, and personalized care plans are designed according to their specific needs and health objectives.

Our value extends beyond the walls of the health treatment centre. By aligning with the sustainable ethos of "The Other Way of Living," we help patients understand the integral relationship between their health and the environment. In doing so, we motivate them to embrace a greener, more responsible lifestyle that directly impacts their well-being positively.

Moreover, our innovative approach to healthcare, focusing on patient comfort and recovery speed, has seen us pioneer concepts like same-day treatments and shorter hospital stays, ensuring swift and comfortable recovery in a soothing environment.

By choosing Seventh, you are choosing a better quality of life. You are choosing a community that is invested in your wellness journey and a team that is passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself. It's not just about treating the symptoms; it's about treating you as a whole – your body, your mind, and your soul. This is the Seventh way, the Other Way of Living. Welcome to the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more sustainable life.

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