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Redefining Luxury, Health & Wellness and the Future of the World

The Seventh Project Development sprang forth from 40 nights of lucid dreams experienced by founder Hendrik van der Ham, with his vision named "The Other Way of Living" becoming a reality through the Seventh Project Development company. Mr. van der Ham officially commenced the Seventh Project Development BV eight years after the dream, with the aim of undertaking all essential measures to bring Seventh to fruition. The Future of the World begins with sound and wholesome choices, and Seventh will serve as an example for sustainable societies. Seventh itself is the concept and vision, whilst Seventh Project Development is the company making it a reality. 

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Imagine having a magnificent luxury yacht right at your fingertips, docked mere steps away from your accommodation. Alternatively, envision the exhilarating prospect of renting the luxury yacht of your dreams.



Indulge in an array of extraordinary amenities, ranging from executive meeting rooms and versatile event venues to enticing recreational facilities. Additionally, savour the culinary delights offered by multiple restaurants, each serving the finest international cuisines. Moreover, Seventh will feature a series of conferences, music concerts and more!


Immerse yourself in a world of comprehensive healthcare and rejuvenating treatments, designed to nurture your well-being and elevate your vitality to new heights. Experience the remarkable transformation of your health and talents, right within the comfort of your exquisite suite or apartment.


Car Vaults

Envision a scenario where all your exquisite cars are housed within a secure car vault, patiently awaiting your arrival, beckoning you to embark on a delightful day of driving with your loved ones by your side. If you are on a short visit you can also rent a car or lease for longer stays!


Enjoy an array of extraordinary amenities, ranging from executive meeting rooms and versatile event venues to enticing recreational facilities. Additionally, savour the culinary delights offered by multiple restaurants, each serving the finest international cuisines.


The food produced is set to be used within Seventh’s hotel and restaurants, as well as be sold to the surrounding communities. Using vertical farming, Seventh is able to avoid issues surrounding water scarcity, limitations on arable land, and extreme temperatures while also being able to implement automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to optimise crop growth and yield.


The Future is Here

Introducing a breathtakingly magnificent floating endeavour, characterised by distinctive architectural elements such as seven crystalline glass pyramids. Within this extraordinary structure, we offer 77 opulent suites and 27 lavish, high-end apartments, providing unparalleled living experiences. Our seven-star health balance treatments further elevate the luxury on offers.

The complex is enriched with a curated collection of 49 shops and restaurants, each centred around natural life and health, promising a unique blend of retail therapy and gastronomic delights. Moreover, we're set to host world-class future conferences focused on health, energy, sustainability, and agriculture. These global gatherings will position us at the forefront of innovation and knowledge dissemination, marking a new era of enlightened discourse and collaborative progress.

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The Seventh Magic

Sweeping Across 10 Extraordinary Cities

Prepare to be swept away as the mystical Seventh Wave rises, poised to cascade with greater magnificence than ever imagined! There's a palpable electricity in the air, a promise of something monumental. We are on the cusp of an epochal voyage, reaching out to ten dynamic and pulsating cities, each resonating with its own unique rhythm and allure. The canvas of our future is being painted with the vibrant hues of these urban wonders, illuminated by the tantalizing glow of city lights and the promise of boundless possibilities. As the wave gathers momentum, you won't want to be anywhere but at its crest. So, anchor your spirits and set your sights on the horizon, for the Seventh Wave is not just a movement; it's a revolution in the making. Hold your breath and await the magic... The next chapter is about to unfold!

Image by JF Martin

Leading The Way
In Sustainability

Design an exemplary environment of progress for all aspects of life.

Create an ecosystem for longevity, superior health and well being.

Develop smart infrastructure where sustainable practices thrive.

Enhanced ethics within a community that shares knowledge and builds human connectivity.


Redefining Luxury

Why Seventh?

The world needs Seventh because it represents a new, sustainable approach to living. As the global community faces mounting environmental challenges, from climate change to diminishing resources, it's crucial we re-envision how we live and interact with our environment. Seventh offers a blueprint for this sustainable transformation. By integrating cutting-edge technologies with eco-friendly practices, we provide a model for sustainable living that doesn't compromise on the quality of life. 

Beyond environmental sustainability, Seventh stands for social equity and economic viability. Our initiatives, from creating a circular economy to our commitment to education and health, aim to empower individuals and communities. We are not just designing structures or spaces; we are creating an ecosystem where people and the planet can thrive together. 

In a nutshell, Seventh is a response to our times, a bold step towards a sustainable, equitable, and healthier future. This is why the world needs Seventh.

Shaping the Future

annual visits


luxury suites


From Dream To Reality


Seventh leads the way in a transformative vision of living, a journey towards a healthier life. Our unique services weave together luxury, wellness, and sustainability, offering avant-garde healthcare services and wellness treatments. At Seventh, the focus is as much on prevention as it is on cure, enhancing not just individual lives but also creating a thriving, healthier society at large. 

Our commitment to green building design, waste management, use of eco-friendly materials, sustainable transportation, energy conservation, and water conservation sets the pace for a sustainable and resilient future. This perfectly aligns with the vision of the United Arab Emirates, a nation known for its innovative spirit and swift growth. Together, Seventh and the UAE face the challenge of fostering sustainable growth while preserving the health and well-being of their residents. By bringing Seventh to life, we're not only improving the quality of life for residents but also making a significant stride towards the UAE's broader sustainable development goals.

"Seventh is actively seeking partners to collaborate on our project, turning our vision into reality and ensuring its flourishing success."

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